Rain of Poems

Identity, book and promotional material for Rain of Poems in London, part of Southbank Centre's Poetry Parnassus festival. The 'Bombing of Poems' is a performance by creative collective Casagrande. It consists of dropping one hundred thousand poems printed on bookmarks from an aircraft over cities bombed during military confrontations in the past. The bookmarks are released at twilight and printed in two languages, written by both Chilean writers and poets native to the location of the city. It has been held in Berlin, Warsaw, Guernica, Dubrovnik, Croatia and Santiago. Each time the cargo of poems was released, every single bookmark was picked up by the crowd. This performance creates an alternative image of the past and is a gesture of remembrance as well as being a metaphor for the survival. Beautiful. Designs feature fluor red, 100% recycled paper and a 'secret' image made out of letters which was visible for the lucky few who collected the complete series - which was then sold as a gift box. I did also design a book as a record of the performance.

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