Liguria Cookbook

Concept, Art Direction and Design for Liguria Restaurant Book. Liguria is Santiago's most famous Bar and Restaurant and have been a cultural hub since the return of Democracy in the early 90's. Through it's 26 years of history celebrities and historical moments have passed-by, being one of Chile's most iconic places: not only for it's decor, atmosphere and public, but also for it's take on traditional chilean cuisine and lively service. Liguria's chilean food revival crosses the traditional local cuisine with the owners italian/immigrant heritage and that intersection is what brings the Bar unique style and language alive. The book tells this story through images, fascinating stories behind the scenes, beautiful portraits and fun infographics, all carefully design to suit and match the Bar's own identity. Published by LaBonita ediciones, Photography by Pin Campaña, texts by Elena Pantoja and Alvaro Peralta.

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